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Is Vegetarianism A Moral Obligation?


There are two main reasons for a person to become a vegetarian.

The first, and most logical of the two, is for the health benefits. It is beyond dispute that those who follow a vegetarian diet reap many health benefits that their meat-eating counterparts do not, such as lowered risk of heart disease, lower BMI, and a longer lifespan.

Sure, you can get those if you take your daily vitamins. Even weight-loss supplements like pure garcinia cambogia provide health benefits similar to vegetarian diets. But what about the moral side of things?

Gym Membership? There Could Be A Better Way to Stay Fit

bike to work

With a fresh year roaring to life, gym memberships are being dished out in place of burgers, and people are filling out their notebooks with weight loss goals or absurd vegetarianism thoughts instead of the latest brownie recipe.

Sure, you might use weight loss supplements - pain relief patch (powerstrips) come to mind – to keep your health and wellness goals up to par, but if you’re not doing the bare minimum cardio, what’s the point?

Yet with more chub than change hanging around, maybe it’s not in the books to pay those yearly fees just to use a bench press when it could go toward buying books or a night out on the town.